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1    As announced by Minister for Transport Lui Tuck Yew during the Committee of Supply Debate in March 2012, a Fare Review Mechanism Committee (FRMC) has been formed to undertake a review of the fare adjustment formula and the framework for fare adjustments.

Composition of Committee

2    The Committee, chaired by Mr Richard Magnus, Chairman of the Casino Regulatory Authority and Member of the Public Transport Council (PTC), comprises a total of 13 members from the PTC, academia, consumer association, labour movement, as well as the private and people sectors. Please refer to the list of members in Annex A.

Terms of Reference
3    The terms of reference for the FRMC are as follows:

     a)    The Committee shall review the effectiveness of the current fare adjustment formula and propose improvements to the formula and the overall framework for fare adjustments as appropriate.

     b)    The revised fare review framework should balance keeping public transport fares affordable with the long-term viability of the public transport operators (PTOs) and should incentivise the PTOs to be efficient and encourage productivity improvement.

     c)    The Committee shall, in its review, ensure that the views of key stakeholders are adequately represented.


4    The Committee is expected to complete its review and present its recommendations to the Minister for Transport in early 2013.

5    Members of the public are invited to give their views. They can refer to for more information on the Committee and its work, and submit their suggestions to or PO Box 1025, Singapore 914035.

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