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3.30PM, 28 MAY 2014                                     
Speak Good English Movement brings fun back to Grammar and good English

The Speak Good English Movement will launch a series of six witty and humorous videos to debunk the myth that grammar rules are boring and didactic, and bring some fun back to appreciating good English.
Understanding that the loss of grammar perpetuates bad English, the Movement turns the spotlight on grammar rules this year, focusing on tenses, subject-verb agreement, prepositions and countable and uncountable nouns. Commonly heard Singaporean blunders and grammar gaffes will also be highlighted.
Through the videos, Singaporeans can be both entertained and educated on the importance of grammar rules in spoken and written English. 
The light-hearted videos will feature popular Singaporean comedian Kumar as the “Queen of Grammar”, a magnificent royal from the Land of Good English who seeks to correct the affliction of bad English on her subjects.
All six videos can be viewed on the Speak Good English Movement’s Facebook page and YouTube channel, with one video released each week starting from today.
The videos are produced by one of Singapore’s most renowned arts and entertainment companies, Dream Academy®, written by Ben “Mr Miyagi” Lee and Selena Soh, and directed by George Chan.
Mr Goh Eck Kheng, Chairman of the Speak Good English Movement says, “We are committed to encouraging Singaporeans to speak Standard English that is used all over the world. Just as we respect the authenticity of other languages, we need to respect grammar rules for the structure it gives to English.”
"This has been an exciting project for Dream Academy and there was never a dull moment for us. It has certainly heightened our awareness of the importance of communicating effectively in Standard English. As theatre practitioners, communication is important and we should all aim towards a proficiency in Standard English. Even if we were to use any colloqualisms in our performances, we must have the ability to differentiate Standard English from broken English.  That foundation is critical for effective communication.” says Selena Tan of Dream Academy®.
To view this year’s Grammar Rules video series entitled “Queen of Grammar”, go to the Movement’s Facebook page or subscribe to its YouTube channel.
Facebook Page: www.
YouTube channel:
Grammar Rules Notebooks
A series of six Grammar Rules notebooks will be released this year by the Speak Good English Movement.
Four notebooks feature tenses, subject-verb agreement, prepositions and countable and uncountable nouns, giving explanations, tips on usage, examples and more.
The remaining notebooks list examples of common errors – one on more generic grammar gaffes and the other on distinctly Singaporean blunders.
These notebooks, along with official posters, rulers and pencils, are available to all schools and interested members of the public.
Partnerships and Programmes
The Speak Good English Movement is honoured to have many partners. The Ministry of Education and The Straits Times provide strategic support for many of the Movement’s key initiatives. Other partners such as the National Library Board, MediaCorp, the British Council, Language Works, Jan & Elly Language School, ReallyEnglish, and The English Channel, conduct workshops and outreach programmes throughout the year.
About the Speak Good English Movement
Launched in 2000, the Speak Good English Movement is a nationwide movement to encourage Singaporeans to speak Standard English that is universally understood. Standard English is English with correct grammar and pronunciation, and is not about accent. The Speak Good English Movement and its partners provide programmes to help people learn to speak good English in fun and interesting ways. To learn more, visit  
For more information, please contact:

Aisyah Noor Mohd (Ms)
Assistant Manager, Language Division
Speak Good English Movement
6332 2244 / 9745 9738
Rachel Malaguit (Ms)
Havas Worldwide Siren
6317 6707
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