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27 February 2009
Media Release: NTE/07/2009
New Wiring Cable Colour Code for Fixed Electrical Installations
1.                  Come 1 March 2011, Singapore will only use cables that come in the new colour code as set by the European Union (EU). Singapore will formally initiate the transition on 1 March 2009. Energy Market Authority (EMA), the industry regulator, will allow a period of two years for all relevant companies and parties to make a full transition by 1 March 2011. Countries like Hong Kong, Australia and the Middle East have already adopted the new colour code.
2.                  The new cable colour code for the live phase-- brown, black and grey is a complete contrast to the current colours of red, yellow and blue. Details are spelt out in the latest amendment to the Singapore Standard CP 5: 1998 Code of Practice for Electrical Installations launched by SPRING Singapore today. This is in line with the British Standard BS 7671 : 2008 - Requirements for Electrical Installations on which the Singapore Standard is based.
3.                  “With the decreasing demand in electrical cables under the existing colour code around the world, the cost of electrical cables under the existing colour code may become less competitive and the delivery may become more unreliable in the future. As such, it would make economic sense for Singapore to adopt the new cable colour code,” said Mr Yeo Yek Seng, Deputy Chief Executive, Regulation Division of EMA.
4.                  “The move for Singapore to adopt the new colour code is timely. Singapore has always relied substantially on cable imports. Adopting the same cable colour code standard as that of major countries will help to ensure that we are able to continue to get a steady supply of cables at competitive prices and are equipped to take on overseas projects with little disruption.” said Mr Teo Nam Kuan, Group Director of Quality and Standards, SPRING.
5.                  Mr Renny Yeo, speaking as the President of Singapore Manufacturers’ Federation  agreed, “Standardardisation and harmonisation benefit manufacturers who can now export to the international markets without having to specially produce them for export. This means we will be more competitive as we can produce higher volumes to serve both the local and export markets, thereby increasing our efficiency.”
6.                  In addition, a new section on installation requirements for Solar Photovaltaic (PV) Power Supply Systems has also been added to CP 5 Amendment No. 1 due to the growing importance of renewable energy for sustainability, and the move towards a greener environment. The standardisation of the installation practices for such systems that will connect these systems to the electrical grid, will help to ensure the safety of the consumers.
7.                  Er Ng Kim Leong, Chairman of SPRING’s Technical Committee on Electrical Installation who helped drive the development of the Amendment, commented, “Aligning to the new colour code and introducing the changes in Solar PV installation will raise the level of professionalism of the electrical industry.”
8.                  The amendment will affect all involved in the electrical industry, especially Licensed Electrical Workers (LEWs). The EMA will play a key role in educating industry players to ensure a smooth transition. Mr Yeo from EMA added, “To help companies manage the change and maintain their competitiveness, companies in the trade should focus on providing their workers with proper training and education to ensure that they are kept up-to-date with the changes and requirements for both the cable colour change and PV requirements.”
9.                  To ensure that all licensed electrical workers are well versed with the change of colour code, EMA will be co-organising with SPRING, briefing sessions for all licensed electrical workers in the next few months. ITE and BCA Academy will also be conducting training courses related to the change in cable colour code to help the electrical contractors to cope with the change. The transition period of 24 months will minimise disruption to existing projects and for the industry to adapt to the change in cable colour code, before the new cable colour code is made mandatory. 
10.              The public need not make any changes to the existing electrical installations. In the event that alterations or additions to their existing installations are needed, they should engage LEWs, to ensure that these are carried out properly. In addition, SP Services will also conduct checks to make sure that the wirings adhere to the new requirements before the connection to electricity supply is activated.  For more information, the public can refer to the EMA website at or call EMA at 6835 8048.
~~~ End of Media Release ~~~
Issued jointly by SPRING Singapore and EMA
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